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Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: What Makes for Effective Inventory Management?

Ankur Nandansons

Ankur Gupta and the team at Nandansons International provide fragrance retailers, department stores and wholesalers the quality, custom fragrance distribution, logistics and support services they need to ensure effective, efficient operation. When clients choose to partner with Nandansons, they receive the benefit of customized fragrance wholesale distribution and drop shipping solutions, as well as the exceptional customer service, responsiveness and attention to detail Nandansons has come to be known for.

Ankur Gupta and Nandansons work to respond to each partner’s needs with the flexibility and scalability they need to persist and manage their business through whatever challenges they might face. One of the key custom services available to Nandansons’ clients is that of Inventory Management; a process crucial to maintaining an ongoing and effective retail operation.

Nandansons has the extensive resources and technological capability needed to manage even the most sizable of client inventories, ensuring that clients have the appropriate level of stock needed to best meet customer demand while maintaining an efficient operation. At the most basic level, inventory management involves:

• A successful plan. To manage inventory successfully, a process must be established; one that involves everyone involved in the inventory process, and that is carefully tracked and executed at each level of movement.

• Clear, consistent communication. The retailer must maintain constant and consistent communication with whomever is fulfilling their orders (i.e. vendors), as well as a good relationship that enables fast, effective problem solving whenever an issue arises.

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